Alex Bill Payment offers you a complete scope of account loaning arrangements that can enable your business to arrive at its maximum capacity

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Alex Bill Payment offers channel partners in various supply chains quick and easy access to financing programs and options including working capital loans, extended net terms and accounts receivable schemes.

Reseller Finance - Back to Back Transaction

Vendors/Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) bills to National Distributor (ND), who bills further to System Integrations (SI) on a Back to Back basis.

Reseller Finance - Stock and Sell Transaction

ND bills to Regional Distributor (RD) on an exclusive arrangement pre-decided by the vendor/OEM

Vendor Financing – Tier 1 Distributors

Vendor/OEM bills to National Distributor on a 45 day credit basis Instead of the National Distributor making the payment, X-10 Finance makes the payment and extends the payable of the ND by another 45 days

Personal Loan

Loan granted for personal use with end use of funds being monitored. These loans offered are unsecured in nature. The loans offered are advanced on the basis of the borrower's credit-history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is through fixed amount instalment over a short fixed term.

Custom fitted, Hassle free Loans-Getting Access to Working Capital Finance to Fuel your Business has never been Easier!

At Alex Bill Payment, we totally comprehend the essentialness of convenient accessibility of assets. What could be superior to having the option to verify advances on your pre-affirmed restrains consistently? No dispossession charges and adaptability to raise various advances with your pre-endorsed limit. An opportunity to renew your assets. The capacity to get numerous solicitations financed. Best of all, this doesn't start to depict the range of administrations that you will get from Alex Bill Payment.

Notwithstanding our productive and opportune administrations, we expedite straightforwardness your current accessible points of confinement, installment subtleties, and the amount more credits you can take inside your pre-affirmed limit. With the accessibility of this data, you can design better to execute your significant requests. As your loaning accomplice, we will likely assistance your business develop.

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Our online dashboard is a progressive framework that is planned for improving the effectiveness and straightforwardness of your acknowledge limit for us. The framework enables you to get total data on the accompanying

About Us

We are centered around receipt based, short dated (30-90 days) advances to help organizations in their transient working capital advances. Alex Bill Payment has collaborated with a main NBFC in India as co-loan specialists. They give solid accounting report support as well as acquire long periods of credit aptitude the Indian market – further approving solid credit rehearses followed by Alex Bill Payment.

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