With us, there are only benefits.

Basic, secure online electronic receipt presentment and payment arrangements that lessen costs, quicken payments and help nature.

  • Personal Loan @ 10.75%
  • Ebill Paysable in 12 to 60 EMIs
  • Business Loan @ 11.65%
  • Home Loan @ 7.75%
  • Credit & Debit Card @ 5.15%

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Bill Payments

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lets your customers pay when they want, how they want and where they want. It’s all about choices.

Pay online, by text, or phone
KIOSKS add convenient, low cost payment activity at bottleneck locations
Self-service ‘Go Paperless’ program
AutoPay, Scheduled Payments, FlexPay for budget payments
Biller Branded Customer Portal looks like your web site, making Customers comfortable
Built in email and SMS Text Engine improves Customer communications

What We Provide

We’ve specialized in online payments and bill presentment from day one.

We band together with ground breaking, best of breed organizations in numerous ventures who concur that completing one thing truly well is difficult enough.

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Ebill Pays has been an extremly adaptable and stable accomplice for a long time now. With more than 60 mio one of a kind guests a year, uptime and execution is surely significant.

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