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At Epayment Web, our focal objective of aiding Epayment Web associations create and scale, drives our personality and all that we do. Installments and Banking are the key-drivers of a viable business. Making them uncommon and incredible is going to change the way in which associations work at present. Everyone is locked in to choose. Straightforwardness in correspondence keep us aware of where we are going and genuine information's help us grow quickly and all over. We offer therapeutic assurance, versatile arranging, work from home, no leave game plan, free dinners and Uber credits. Oblige one of World's fastest creating tech associations, create with us, make regard and have an incredible time!

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Our Payments Services

We provides major billing & payments Services

Loan repayments

Moneylenders use Auto Collect money the board associations to gather repayments for glimmering advances from clients and affiliations. Bank exchanges are favored since it is the most moderate and quickest approach to manage move cash. The moneylender gets the cash around a comparative time. Instead of pleasing bank explanations physically to seek after each advancing toward portion from a client, a portion is stimulated therefore.

Bill and fee payments

Schools and illuminating foundations use Auto Collect money the board associations to get charge portions. Each understudy is dispersed a novel virtual UPI ID dependent on the roll no. Portions into a virtual UPI ID are obliged immediately on receipt. So similarly organization charge portions for telephone, web and DTH are be amassed by making virtual UPI IDs dependent on telephone numbers. Auto Collect empowers portion gathering without the client visiting the billers.

B2B retailer distributor payments

E Distributors use Auto Collect money the board associations to suit inbound bank exchanges got from at any rate 20,000 retailers. Since exchanges are fit quickly, retailers can buy stock speedier and free up working capital. Make Virtual Account sensibly. Deactivate a virtual record at whatever point you wish. Exchanges started to an impaired virtual record get rejected.


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