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Khasta Aloo

Khasta – Aloo is one of the famous dish of Lucknow. You will find it in every corner of the city. Khasta – aloo is the deep-fried baked pastries with lentils and sautéed, served with spicy chutney. You should surely try this dish when you are planning to visit this beautiful city.


Spicy & Hot



Kaali Gajar Ka Halwa

Kali Gajar ka Halwa is made from carrots of a darker color. It’s not black practically, but deep purple. Sitting with dollops of ghee and sprinkled with cashew, almonds, and sometimes a spoonful of cream is served on top. This humble shanty makes the Kali Gajar halwa at the busy junction of Nakhas.

Veg Kebab Parantha

When we say veg kebab parantha, you might wonder that this city is famous for its non-veg kebabs. But it has something for its veg eaters also. Veg kebab is deeply fried kebab, rolled on a roll, and served with chutney and onions. These Lucknowi veg kebabs will surely make your day. You should try this veg kebab parantha invention of Lucknow, which is now extending to Delhi and other regions.