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We have some expertise in giving the most reasonable nourishment and administration of the most elevated conceivable standard different occasions to coordinate every client singular necessities.

Fresh recipes, began in the year 2004 has a bunch of experince inside the cooking business joining both contemporary and customary nourishment structures. Regardless of whether you require a straightforward sandwich buffet conveyed to your office, a gathering at home or a completely served meal, Our Recipe Service offers you an agreeable, adaptable methodology for all your cooking needs.

We have the capacity to serve anyplace in Mumbai, likewise with our versatile kitchens we can give anything from a bespoke VIP lunch at your work environment through an enormous occasions.Fresh recipes is a legitimate provider with some long haul significant records with the most presumed organizations in Mumbai.

Our Recipes

One-pot Vegetable Dal

In a large pot, wash the lentils thoroughly in a sieve until the water runs clean underneath. Fill the pot half way with clean water and bring the lentils to boil over a high flame. Finely mince the ginger and garlic. In about 10 minutes, the lentils will start losing their shape and combining with the water. Now add the ginger, garlic, turmeric and bay leaf. Continue cooking for 10 minutes until you can’t smell the raw ginger and garlic. The water in the pot will start drying up, add water a cup at a time when it does. While the dal is bubbling, roughly chop the tomato and onion. Next, chuck in the tomato, onion and all the vegetables adding them in order of how long they will take to cook. Keep cooking the dal on high for another 10 minutes until the vegetables are soft. By this time, your one-pot vegetable dal will have a thick and smooth soup-like consistency.

Quick Chana Masala

Roughly chop the onion and tomato, and finely mince the ginger and garlic. Bring the oil to heat on high in a medium saucepan. When it’s hot, sauté the onion for two minutes. Then tip in the ginger and garlic and cook for another two minutes until they turn golden. Stir through the coriander and cumin and cook for two minutes adding a splash of water if the mixture starts getting stuck to the bottom of the pan. Then add the chopped tomato and fry for five minutes until the tomatoes disintegrate. When they do, lower the flame and simmer for 5 minutes until you can see the oil coming out from the sides of the mixture. When the oil shows up, rinse and add the chickpeas. Give it a good stir, add a cup of water, the garam masala and simmer for 10 minutes until the curry thickens and coats the chickpeas. Add salt to taste and garnish with fresh coriander to serve your quick chana masala.

Bengali Cauliflower Potato Curry

Break or cut the cauliflower into medium-sized florets. Place them in a bowl and sprinkle the chilli and turmeric all over. Now peel and cube the potatoes, finely chop the onion and mince the ginger. Next bring a tablespoon of the oil to heat in a wok. When it’s hot, toss in the spice-coated cauliflower and sauté for two minutes. Then remove with a slotted spoon back into the bowl they were sitting in. Now, pour the remaining tablespoon of oil into the work and add the sugar, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamoms and cumin seeds. As they sizzle up, stir through the chopped onions and ginger and fry for five minutes until golden. While it’s cooking, dice the tomato and add it in when the time’s up, along with the ground coriander and cumin. Sauté your spice paste for five minutes adding two-three tablespoons of warm water until the raw smell goes.

Vegetable Malai Korma

Bring the oil to high heat in a wok or large frying pan. When it’s hot, toss in the onions, ginger and garlic and sauté for 10 minutes until golden. Now add the carrots, beans and potatoes and mix well for a minute until you see the edges of the potatoes turning translucent. Tip in the spices and mix through to coat, then stir through the tomato puree. Next pour in the hot water and leave the vegetable to bubble for about 15-20 minutes until you can insert a fork easily into a potato. In the meantime, mix the cashew butter and Elmlea Double together in a bowl. Add in the frozen peas when the vegetables are cooked and then stir through Elmlea Double and cashew mixture. Simmer for a couple of minutes as you stir through the garam masala, a grating of fresh nutmeg and the powdered cardamom. Add salt to your taste. Toast the cashew nuts with no oil in a small frying pan to garnish the Vegetable Malai Korma before serving.

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  • Best dinner I’ve had in awhile. So tasty and full of flavor. Made minor changes with fresh spinach instead of broccoli rabe, using sweet Italian sausage, adding maple breakfast sausage and I only had 1/2 cup of shredded mozzarella so I made up the difference with added gruyere cheese. The dish was so full of flavor I think it’s the best thing I’ve made. It was sweet, spicy and tasty. Thanks so much!

    Shalini Roy - Customer
  • Delicious! Subbed spinach and ground beef so I didn’t have to go to the market, but it was still fab! Will make this often for weeknight dinners. Whole family loved it and the fresh mozzarella added an amazing touch. I made this last night with a few changes. I used Sweet Italian sausage and spinach since I don't like broccoli rabe. Both my husband and I liked it very much. This is defiantly a keeper.

    Manisha Ghosh- Customer

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