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Hello!First of all thank you so much for visiting here.I am Sharmilee Jayaprakash ,living in Coimbatore with my family. I have heard my friends say that they learnt cooking only after marriage but in my case I was lucky enough to have my mother by my side even after marriage so I didn’t bother even to peek inside the kitchen as we had tasty food served everyday so I was happily spending time shaping up my career. My mother is my greatest inspiration in cooking, I have grown seeing her cook a lot of recipes.She continues to inspire me and I believe my passions would have triggered from her.I owe all the credits I get for this space to her as without her struggle all alone to bring me up, I wouldn’t have been in the place where I am now. After marriage, hubby is my full time supporter for whatever I do!How did it all begin ?! : Back in 2009 when I had mittu in me 🙂 I was looking for some respite from my day IT job and thats when food blogging was introduced to me.Once when I was searching for a recipe and that lead me to world of food blogging and I loved the idea too…Cooking, clicking and sharing recipes online….I went crazy browsing and exploring many new blogs each day. I was working full time as Technical Account Manager in a software firm, tried to squeeze in time for family, friends and my passion during those days.I worked for almost 7 yrs in IT field…But everything else took a back seat when my little one demanded me by her side, So I resigned my job in Jan 2012 to take care of her and to run behind my passions 🙂 So no more deadlines and commitments and I thoroughly enjoy the work I do!

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Palakkad style avial recipe

Cut all the vegetables rinse them well and keep it ready.For palakkad aviyal these 5 vegetables are used - carrot,yam,drumstick,ashgourd and cluster beans.Make sure to cut them lengthwise like shown.Set aside. To a mixer jar, add coconut,jeera and green chillies.Grind to a coarse mixture,Set aside. First add yam and drumstick as they are tough to cook vegetables so we are adding them first.Add water and cook until 1/2 cooked. Then add carrot and cluster beans.Cook covered until 3/4th. When it is 3/4th cooked finally add ashgourd. Cook until soft then add coconut mixture.Cook and simmer until raw smell leaves. Switch off.Add thick yogurt.Mix well.Add curry leaves and coconut oil. Serve with rice and curry.This aviyal is meant to thick but if you prefer you can add little water to thin it. Make sure the coconut mixture is slightly coarse and not too smooth. The tough vegetables are added first then accordingly other vegetables in order so that all vegetables are cooked perfectly with a slight crunch and does not get mushed up.

Vegetable Biryani (Veg Biryani)

1.Grind the ingredients listed under ‘to grind’ with little water to a fine paste.Set aside. Take thick coconut milk and make it ready.2.Heat oil and 1tbsp ghee in a pressure cooker, add cinnamom, cloves, cardamom and bayleaf one by one and saute for a min then add onion , tomato saute till it turns mushy.Add ginger garlic paste saute till raw smell leaves.3.Now add the puthina paste, curd, required salt and saute 3mins till raw smell leaves.Then add the vegetables, mix well and saute for 2mins. Now add the rice and mix well with the veggies for a minute.4.Add coconut milk, 1 and 3/4 cups of water and pressure cook for 3whistles and switch off.Once pressure releases, open and fluff it up with a fork.Add remaining ghee and mix once again taking care not to make the rice mushy.Serve hot with onion raita the best combination with vegetable biriyani or kurma.

Sathu maavu puttu recipe

Dry roast flour for 3-5 mins in low flame, make sure to do this only in low flame to avoid flour getting burnt.cool down completely,then transfer to a bowl add required salt to it.Mix it well first. Add water little by little and keep mixing.When you take and hold the flour tight it should form shape. And when you crumble it should fall apart easily, thats the perfect consistency for soft puttu.It should be sandy in texture.You can even add a tbsp of coconut in this mixture too.Set aaide.Add water to a pressure cooker. Meanwhile to the puttu maker, add coconut to the bottom then add the prepared mixture till slightly below the rim.Pat it well, press it slightly to have a even top. When it starts to smoke through the cooker hole place puttu maker, steam cook for 3 mins or until smoke comes through both the holes in the puttu maker. Gently open and invert on a plate to demould. Serve hot with coconut and canesugar!My homemade health mix already has cardamom in it so I didnt add it.If you prefer you can add a pinch of cardamom powder as per taste.

Cheese capsicum sandwich recipe

Cheese capsicum sandwich recipe a quick and easy sandwich to make for breakfast.The filling is so quick to make, no cooking required and the sandwich is really cheesy and yummy, do try it and enjoy! To a bowl add capsicum,onion and crushed pepper. Add mixed herbs,pizza seasoning and required salt. Add half of cheese and give a quick mix.Take 4 bread slices, add the capsicum cheese mixture in each slice. Add remaining cheese on top.Seal with other bread.Press slightly. Add mixed herbs,pizza seasoning and required salt.Apply butter on top.Preheat sandwich maker as per the instructions in the manual,Grease it well with butter. Keep the bread slices on it. Close and Grill it for 3 mins or until the top turns golden.Slice and serve. Serve hot with ketchup.


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  • This capsicum sandwich recipe is really amazing. I love this recipe and want to cook it at my lunchtime. This recipe is also delicious and healthy. Thanks for sharing such an awesome recipe.

    John Smith - Visitor

    Tried it and it came out well.. My daughter loved it. Thanks for the recipe 😊. Can I try the same batter for making waffles??

    John Smith - Visitor

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