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Stat Billings is a premier Merchant Account Provider offering payment acceptance solutions to businesses throughout the Indian Soil since 2002. We specialize in eCommerce transactions providing online payment programs for some of the Internet’s most successful websites. Our vast array of financial and banking partners combined with our payment processing technology allows us to tailor our solutions to match the individual needs of the client. Whether you are on the Internet’s Top 500 list or just starting out, Stat Billings has a program for you.As a full service payment acceptance agency, Stat Billings offers a safe and efficient way to get your payments processed while offering you competitive rates and top-tier customer service from start to finish.We’re here to provide e-commerce businesses and brick-and-mortar stores with a better alternative to other merchant account providers. Since 2002, Stat Billings has been offering a range of services that make the lives of business owners easier.Our expansive portfolio of gateway providers and banking associates has allowed us to create and customize the best banking solutions for different companies. Our range of services could not be created and carried out without a dedicated team of experts behind them.

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Stat Billings, a qualified internet credit card processing provider, is here to help you accept credit cards online. We’re a Registered Independent Sales Organization (ISO) for Visa, MasterCard and Discover, and also provide you with the ability to accept American Express, Carte Blanche International, Diners Club, JCB and China Union Pay. Our advanced tools allow you to authorize and accept payments in real-time or process them in batches, and you can also set up secure recurring payments thanks to our payment tokenization quality. We even offer mobile processing products that allow you to scan cards and conduct transactions anywhere you have an internet connection. In today’s 21st-century world of commerce, being able to accept credit cards is essential to building your business. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or an online business, Stat Billings will provide fast, secure credit card processing for your company. As a top-tier Merchant Account Provider, we’ll support your company from start to finish with a complete Payment Acceptance solution. We’ll help you set up a Credit Card Processing Account, credit card machine or terminal, or a payment gateway for your business. Our customer service team is here to help you decide what solution is best for your needs. Choosing an ecommerce provider that performs internet credit card processing can be a tricky task.

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Wireless Credit Card Processing

At Stat Billings, we understand your business is often “on-the-go”. That’s why we offer multiple wireless solutions, like our wireless credit card machines that give you the ability to accept credit and debit card payments on location… safely and conveniently. Our cutting-edge mobile products create efficiency for your business while on the road, at a show, making a delivery or at the client’s office. Many retailers from time-to-time have “tent sales” or “parking lot” sales while other merchants specialize in selling their goods at shows or provide services at the job site. These business owners are perfect candidates for wireless credit card processing.We are a Registered ISO (Independent Sales Organization) for Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Since we have a large network of gateway providers and banking partners, we’re able to design a solution that’s a perfect fit for your company’s requirements and business goals. Having options lets you create a custom system that makes the most sense for your customers and your business plan.

Competitive Credit Card Processing Rates

We combine low merchant account rates with personalized support for discount credit card processing that easily beats the competition. Our credit card processing rates are among the lowest in the industry, and we actively build long-term business relationships with our clients by individually managing their account and updating their rates proactively as their business expands. Ask about the requirements for our Major Account clients. Your company may qualify for even greater discounts!Stat Billings will use the most favorable Merchant Category Code (MCC code) that is allowed for your business, so you’ll get the greatest benefits from your merchant account. For example, utility companies and supermarkets receive preferred rates from the Card Associations.Internet sales or “keyed in” transactions are considered to be riskier than retail or “card present” transactions by the Card Associations, and are typically charged a higher discount rate.

Internet Merchant Accounts For Your Business

f you want to accept credit cards for your goods and services, giving your customers added convenience, you’ll need an internet merchant account. A central component of our merchant account services for online payment processing is a banking relationship that manages money transfers from the cardholder’s bank to the merchant’s bank account. This credit card processing system also handles reports, merchant statements, chargebacks and other payment logistics. Stat Billings is a premiere internet merchant account provider specializing in online payment systems for both physical and online stores. As your trusted business partner with more than a decade of industry expertise, we set up your payment processing and help you maintain it, handling everything from credit card processing to electronic checks and debit cards. We focus on creating strong business relationships between our elite banking and other payment processing partners and our clients. Our custom designed solution for your business includes a merchant account and point-of-sale equipment for retailers or gateways for online merchants. Our Internet merchant accounts let you accept online payments, giving your customers different payment options with optimal security.

Secure Online Payment Gateways from Stat Billings

Any merchant who wants to conduct internet or eCommerce transactions will need a payment gateway to process them. A gateway enables you to accept payments for your goods and services while keeping sensitive customer data secure. Stat Billings’s certified credit card gateway partners provide quick and efficient authorizations for all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, American Express and even China Union Pay. Choosing an Stat Billings Gateway will enable you to accept debit card, eCheck and ACH payments in addition to credit cards. We use Tokenization to protect payment and cardholder data while retaining it for recurring transactions, and our Virtual Terminal feature allows manual batch processing when you can’t do it in real time. Stat Billings Gateway is PCI DSS Level I compliant, with additional fraud protection options to keep information safe and secure. No matter what payment gateway you choose, we’ll assist in integrating it to any shopping cart. We do it all while providing caring, one-on-one service and expertise at a price that can’t be beat. Call us today and find out why “Batching Out” at day’s end has never been easier.

Virtual Terminal Credit Card Processing

Nearly all stores accept credit cards and to boost your business, you should too. A credit card virtual terminal is great for many businesses and for a multitude of reasons. When a phone line is not available or is unreliable, a virtual terminal credit card processing system is the ideal alternative choice. These machines use the internet to process credit card and payments using your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device if you’re on the go. Using your eMerchant account is quick and easy to manage and maintain. You can reduce operating costs by using an online system. There’s no additional hardware or software needed, so you can log on from any computer to make your sale happen! You can easily validate cards and transfer money to your accounts when a transaction is completed. With virtual terminal credit card processing, you don’t need fancy equipment to run credit cards and make sales. After completing the order, ,you can store the customer’s information in the Gateway database to bill the customer again or to set up recurring billing.

Retail Terminals and Credit Card Machines for Small Business

Merchant credit card machines come in all shapes and sizes, with lots of bells and whistles to choose from. eMerchant offers a range of terminals and PC solutions that accept credit cards and offer the flexibility your business needs. From expanded memory capacity and integrated printers to multi-com terminals, you will have the latest functionality when you choose eMerchant credit card processing equipment.The iWL200 series is designed for mobility and benefits from the latest technologies, reaching an outstanding battery life. In any use case it supports a full and intensive working day processing payments which enhances merchant productivity. Boasting a wide array of wireless connectivity including GPRS, Bluetooth or even both in the iWL280, the iWL200 series delivers faultless 24/7 communications while slashing operational costs. Combined with the connectivity embedded in the docking station, it provides the most compelling and comprehensive solution for payment and beyond.

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