High End Zenith Interiors

Zenith Interiors offers a full service interior design in South Africa. Our global firm will bring the best trends in the world to your project.The idea is to make you fall in love with each element that is displayed in your house, for your personal realization.

Zenith Interiors
Zenith Interiors

The South African Lifestyle

South African architecture and design cannot be defined only through aesthetics. You may describe it as a way of life. Our purpose is to bring and adapt that style and culture to our projects around the world, respecting each culture preferences, transforming our work in a beautiful experience for the resident.

Zenith Interiors
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We Make Zenith Interiors Exceptional.

Every person has a history that makes each one unique and special. Every family has its own characteristics. It is critical that the project reflects the client’s experiences, preferences and dreams. By talking to the client we will understand his or her expectations so we will be able to create an amazing and exclusive project.

Zenith Interiors

In all the different communities we operate we have local teams. We combine our global experience with a local touch. Our team will handle all regulatory approval processes. In every level of the project we will present a schedule of execution and budget management.

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Turnkey Projects & Solutions – Zenith Interiors

The Turnkey concept focuses on delivering all the steps required to reach customer expectations, from designing to execution and finally handling it to the client as a completed product. The concept involves receiving the space and returning it to the customer with all infrastructure, furniture and other accessories either for living in it or running a company/business in full operation.

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Zenith Interiors is a full service interior design firm in South Africa, with branches in Brazil, the US and Europe. Our history was built based on the cultural exchange we were privileged to experience in all the projects we worked in the different cultures, aorund the world

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